Eat, Sleep, DON’T Judge, Repeat


Once upon a time there was this beautiful prostitute princess and a penniless prince…..

Want to know how the story progresses? Will you believe me if I said the prince became the ultimate king of Bollywood? If the story did not have the happy ending it could have had?

Mehfil had gathered just enough strength in herself to pick up the closest book on the table and a pen with her shaking hands. The trembling brought back the emotions she had felt when she first met him. Running away from an old perverted man that night she had come across the cab driver who changed her life. Or rather she changed his. Fate had brought them together that New Year’s Eve but this very fate had played a cruel trick on her.

The cold wind almost blew away the paper but she caught it just in time before it could flutter away. She looked out of the window just like she had done numerous times before-looking at the omnipresent streetlights of Mumbai….but this time something was different. The wind came along with the message of darkness, exhorting that she must hurry and write before she loosened her hold….not on the pen but on life itself.

How about a Sin Tonight? put Mumbai in an entirely new light. From a girl belonging to a well-to-do upper-middle class family that I am, I stepped into the shoes of a penniless aspiring actor who struggled for his daily bread, for every two minute role he could manage to get on, for the love of a girl whom society deemed sinful and evil.

Sharaan Ali Bakshi was just a face among the thousands of ‘actors’ who came to Mumbai, the center of Bollywood, to become famous. Through his journey the dark dank corners of Bollywood was depicted. His started off as a clapper boy who was had no recognition whatsoever, as a driver who worked for Bheem bhai. The very moment he was about to give up on his dreams and walk back to his little village…he came across a beautiful girl.

Mehfil had a good idea of how unfair life could be. At age 10 she was sold off by her father for money and brought to Mumbai. In the beginning I did not know what was happening. And when I did it was too late. The same age old trick life pulls on everyone. Hers is the story of acceptance, of purity..despite what others may believe. Her apprehensive attitude towards marriage was a great trouble for Sharaan who wanted them to get married as he was getting a stronger foothold in acting. Our love is doomed had more weight in it than it should have had…because Mehfil did not have much longer to live with her uterine cancer.

Theirs was a love story which defied all societal norms and restrictions. Shahraan had no idea what future held for him. He lost the girl he loved and gained a million fans all over India. Stardom was always a place I wanted to reach till I arrived there and I realized it was a her last letter addressed to him she calls him the king of Bombay and assures him their love shall be buried along with her. What will people say? The king in love with a prostitute! I don’t think anyone would believe it either.

The day love wins over expecations and judgemental stares…humanity shall be victorious. So the next time you decide to snort scornfully at a girl wearing a short skirt and call her a bitch, go talk to her and get to know her a little before labelling her; the next time you give dirty glances at the trans genders on the road, say a few kind words; the next time you jude someone based on a well contrived rumor about them, stop and realize the pettiness of the action. There is nothing that we can achieve if we do not stand together. God designs our life and love redesigns it. That was what Mehfil did for Saharaan. She slept with some people of the industry, satisfying their carnal kinks under the condition that they gave Saharan a role. She asked bheem bhai to bribe some of the ADs. She did all this without his knowledge. His talent was noticed because of her.

The illustration in the very first part of my writing is not in the book but purely based on my imagination. I visualize her writing one last time to her lover. Do you know Shahraan, what a smile is called when it falls in love? A tear drop.

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Battle Symphony

 A battle through pain which would lead you to glory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Stay, don’t give up yet or you’ll feel sorry.                                

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