On Lines Of Betrayal….

There comes a point when all that you believed in turns out to be a lie. The trust that you bestowed was actually misplaced; the love you showered goes down the drain. It makes you question your judgment; it makes you feel immense pain. Hot searing knives cannot bring as much pain as the dagger […]

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Dealing With Pain

What makes us react in the way that we do when we are disappointed? Do we lean on our friends more or do we push them away as we battle with our inner demons? What is the right way to deal with disappointment? Is there even a way to do so? Do we gorge our […]

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Flaws hurt. Sometimes more than they should. Those of you who shall counter and say that they are a part of you and your own imperfection fail to take into account the feelings that make you just go like “this is too much”. Your lungs constrict from the pain; your strength leaves your body; your […]

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If they say Who cares if one more light goes out? In a sky of a million stars It flickers, flickers Who cares when someone’s time runs out? If a moment is all we are We’re quicker, quicker Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do Just when I thought I could […]

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Eat, Sleep, DON’T Judge, Repeat

  Once upon a time there was this beautiful prostitute princess and a penniless prince….. Want to know how the story progresses? Will you believe me if I said the prince became the ultimate king of Bollywood? If the story did not have the happy ending it could have had? Mehfil had gathered just enough […]

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Battle Symphony

 A battle through pain which would lead you to glory                                                                                           […]

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