Art for Art’s Sake

Art is art. So enrapturing, captivating and poignant that the beholder doesn’t stop to think about the artist in the field, behind the canvass or pressing down ink onto pages. The initial thoughts are hardly directed towards their creator but more so of what it means to us. It is moments later when we ponder […]

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Uncovering “Your Name”

It’s somewhere deep inside me where I feel the void. An unknown nagging presence whose power is felt in its absence. In its incompleteness. It’s in my actions; it’s in everything that I do. I am not sure anymore. I am without direction searching for something that leads me to the bliss-where I want to […]

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The Handmaids Tale

Things were rough in the Republic of Gilead. The taste of freedom was so long gone that the sight of the Japanese women in short skirts and nail-polish made me question their worth as women. It was one of the many times I realized the magnitude at which I had been brainwashed to suit the […]

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Fuck Discrimination

It began with Rosa Parks who refused to give up her bus seat to a white man which sparked off the American Civil Rights movement and turned an ordinary seamstress into a symbol of dignity and strength. It began with Malala Yugosafzia who spoke up for the 31M girls all over the world for being […]

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Faith *part one*

Faith is a paradox in itself. It is the root cause of any change as well as the only thing that remains constant during a drastic change. It brings about the underlying conviction, the overwhelming strength when things go wrong. Faith can push us harder to the breaking point or to the brink of success. […]

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  I believe that our destiny exists like a thread- a thin white line which connects our past, present, and future. It decides our destiny. There are millions of threads running side by side, moving in all directions -in every way possible-representing the infinite possibilities presented to us. It is in our hands to make […]


On Lines Of Betrayal….

There comes a point when all that you believed in turns out to be a lie. The trust that you bestowed was actually misplaced; the love you showered goes down the drain. It makes you question your judgment; it makes you feel immense pain. Hot searing knives cannot bring as much pain as the dagger […]

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